Boost your trades with FXOptimax’s 25% bonus for each deposit to your FXOptimax trading account.


The Bonus is available for all clients of FXOptimax clients  who will deposit at least $100.

Dates for the Bonus:

The promotion runs for the whole year 2019 or until further notice.

How to Participate:

  1. Open an account with FXOptimax if you don’t have one.
  2. Login to your account.
  3. Select Account, then “Claim Your Bonus”.
  4. Select your bonus
  5. Deposit the required amount for your chosen bonus.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Minimum Deposit: At least $100
  • Withdrawable upon completing required number of lots: Send request at, provided that all orders have been closed and that minimum free margin while requesting must be greater than the bonus.
    Bonus Amount
    Minimum Deposit
    Required Volume
    Promotion Code
    $25 $100 25 lots USD25DP
    $50 $200 50 lots USD50DP
    $100 $400 100 lots USD100DP
    $200 $800 200 lots USD200DP
    $300 $1200 300 lots USD300DP
    $400 $1600 400 lots USD400DP
    $500 $2000 500 lots USD500DP
    $750 $3000 750 lots USD750DP
    $1000 $4000 1000 lots USD1000DP
  • Client may withdraw the balance any time.
  • Cancellation terms:
    •  once account is stopped out or after 90 days unless it has been transferred to the account balance.
    • if the equity after a withdrawal is less than five times of the bonus
    • funds are withdrawn before the bonus requirement is completed.
    • FXOptimax’s decision
    • requested by the client.
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