AutoRebateForeX is looking for a bunch of forex traders to join our team! 10% of what remains to the IB will be given to those who will qualify. Experts Advisor users, frequent traders and scalpers are specially invited.



  1. Extra 10% of the remaining IB commissions (after autorebates) will be given back to our traders.
  2. Small bonuses will be given away too!
  3. Extra rebates will be credited to your account if external fund transfer is allowed, otherwise, we’ll settle through your cryptocurrency wallet in USDT (preferably in TRC20 or BSC20; ERC20 for bigger amounts). BUSD and USDC is also allowed (preferably in BSC network)
  4. Extra rebates will be credited every first week of the month.
  5. Available for traders trading with forex brokers. Traders from cryptocurrency exchanges shall have their own VIP program.

How to Join:

  1. Contact us to express your interest: or (Alternative Channel:
  2. Participants are required to trade at least 500 lots per month, per forex broker if you have more than one broker of choice. (Effective November 1, 2022) (formerly, 1000 lots requirement).
  3. This is an ongoing promotion (preferably permanent), no defined date of expiration.
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