Our Logo Represents Our Business Model! Green represents you as the Trader, Blue represents us AutoRebateForeX, Red represents the Brokers, and Orange represents the entire ForeX Market that binds us all.

One of the most effective marketing strategy of many companies when it comes to online and offline marketing is the Affiliate Program. Forex Brokers also use this method in order attract more traders to trade with them. Affiliate Program has different types of scheme namely: CPA (cost-per-action), CPL (cost-per-lead), and Revenue sharing. CPA or CPL combined with Revenue Sharing is called a Hybrid Scheme. CPA and CPL are the commonly used as scheme in Affiliate program that’s why partners using this type are generally termed as an “affiliate” or a “partner”. In forex trading, revenue share is termed as “rebate” and affiliates that use this type of scheme are called Introducing Brokers (IB) or Introducing Agents (IA).

ARFX Rebate Model

AutoRebateForeX Rebate Model

Our rebate model works this way: We will refer you to a broker. You will trade with them normally. The broker will earn money through commission and/or spreads. Part of their earnings called “rebate” as revenue share are paid to AutoRebateForeX. We give back to you 80% of our rebate called “rebate” as cash back. All these processes are done automatically through the broker’s system. You can use this rebate as additional fund for trading or collect them for future withdrawal.

Forex brokers do their business by providing their clients a trading venue and charging fees through spreads and commission. Trading with us allows you to reduce these fees since we get rebates and give them back to you as an “autorebate“. We call it autorebate because your rebates are automatically and most of the times instantly transferred to your trading account, thus, eliminating cost of using payment processors and ensuring that your rebates are paid exactly what they are set to be.