Did you know you can save even more when you trade forex? Partner with us and earn automatic cash back (also known as rebates) every time you trade with our Partner Brokers. At AutorebateForeX, we use the term “autorebate” for clarity.

What is AutoRebate?
Autorebate is a type of rebate that is processed automatically to clients’ accounts

When a forex trader buys or sells a certain trading pair or instrument, the broker charges fees that are usually expressed in terms of spread and/or trade commission. Forex Brokers share part of these fees to their Introducing Brokers (IB)  who referred the trader. Some Introducing Brokers like AutoRebateForeX give back part of their share as cash back to their referred (forex) traders. This cash back is called (forex) rebate. When rebates are transferred or processed automatically from an IB’s Broker account to another’s Broker account, it is called autorebate.
Why AutoRebate?
Automated forex rebates indeed offer several benefits that can enhance a trader’s experience and profitability:
1.) Automatic Transfer: Rebates are automatically transferred to your trading account, providing you with extra funds to use for trading or allowing you to save them for future withdrawals. This convenience eliminates the need for manual processing, saving you time and effort.
2.) Cost Elimination: By bypassing payment processors, you avoid additional charges such as transfer fees, thereby reducing your trading costs. This cost-saving measure can contribute to overall profitability by preserving more of your earnings.
3.) Interest Opportunities: Some brokers offer interest-bearing accounts where you can store your rebate funds. This feature enables you to potentially earn additional income on your rebates, further enhancing your returns.
4.) Support for All Trading Styles: Whether you’re a scalper or employ other trading strategies like expert advisors/robots, forex rebates can boost profitability by reducing costs and providing additional equity. This benefit is particularly advantageous for scalpers who frequently execute trades and are sensitive to transaction costs.
5.) Precision and Automation: Forex rebates are precise and automatic, ensuring that you receive the correct amount of cash back without manual intervention. This reliability streamlines the rebate process and enhances the overall trading experience.
Why Trade With AutoRebateForeX?
Trading with us guarantees you the following benefits:
1.) You’ll receive forex rebates ranging from 79% to 81% of our revenue. While we typically state 80%, if you’re particular about rebate precision, we’re happy to stick within this range. (Note: There may be exceptions, so please review the terms with each partner broker individually.)
2.) No registration is necessary! Your rebates are automatically set up once you register with a broker through us. We treat all users equally when it comes to cashback. However, for certain brokers, we recommend submitting your account details to expedite the rebate setup process and prevent any delays.
3.) We don’t retain your forex rebates! All your rebates are automatically processed directly into your forex broker’s account, ensuring you receive your rebates exactly as specified. Your autorebates are secure, and our calculations are transparent and accurate.
4.) Stay informed with our updates on forex broker news and promotions. We provide regular updates on brokers and their exclusive promotions with us, ensuring you stay informed about the latest offers.
5.) We don’t apply mark-ups! Not all rebates are equal! Not all rebates are created equal. We offer genuine savings on your trades without any mark-up spreads or commissions. While our rebates are among the highest in the market, you may come across other offers with higher rates or additional bonuses. However, many of these include mark-ups or additional charges imposed by the broker. We don’t engage in such practices, ensuring you receive true value from your trades.
How To Start?
You only have few simple steps to start receiving your forex rebates:
1.)  We eliminated the registration process! Just go to the broker section and select the broker you want to trade with.
2.) Follow our sign-up instructions for your chosen forex broker(s).
3.) Submit your account to us if you want to ensure that your forex trading account is under AutoRebateForeX! This is optional but we highly suggest to accomplish, so we can set your autorebates quickly before you trade (this applies to some brokers only).
 4.) Start trading with your chosen forex broker(s).
5.) Contact us if you need further assitance.
ForeX Rebate Transfer Frequency
Depending on your chosen forex broker, you may receive your forex cash backs:

1.) Everytime you close your trades. It could be instantly, every minute, or hourly.
2.) At the end of each trading trading day, or week.
3.) Every month, usually at the first day or last day of each month.
and may be transferred on the following ways (the autorebate types):
1.) Account-based. Transferred to your trading account. (It may show on your daily confirmation)
2.) Wallet-based. Transferred to your forex broker account. (It may be your storage account, broker wallet, transitory account, or sub-IB account)
3.) Discounted. Reflected in form of a discount. Spreads and commissions are automatically reduced.