1.) What is Rebate?

Rebate is an amount of money paid back to a customer or client through reduction, refund, or return for a product, service, or contribution; paid or bought. It is sometimes called as cash back or kick back and is commonly related to such terms as discount, reward, incentive, coupon, return, markdown, premium, supplement, savings, and bonus.


2.) What is AutoRebate?

Autorebate is a rebate that is transferred automatically. It is somehow synonymous with instant rebate, however, instant rebate is a rebate already applied during payment of a product or service. With autorebate, rebates may be accrued for certain time and is automaticaly paid through an account within certain frequencies (hourly, daily, monthly, etc.)


3.) What is Forex Rebate?

Forex rebate is a rebate paid back to forex traders for being a client of a forex broker. It actually pertains three meanings: one as a cash back paid to a forex trader from the forex broker, two as a commission paid by a forex broker to an introducing agent(IA) / introducing broker (IB) or affiliate, and three a cash back paid by an introducing agent to introduced forex traders with the forex broker.

AutoRebateForeX deals with the third and does it automatically. We process rebates through the help of the broker or within the broker’s cabinet/website.


4.) How Can I Receive Rebates in Forex Trading

You can start receiving rebates for trading forex by joining forex rebate sites. That is not the case here at AutoRebateForeX!

All you gotta do is trade with the broker here through our links/instructions and you will receive rebates automatically on your forex broker account; either on your broker’s wallet or on your trading account. There is no need to register. We do things automatically, indeed, we offer AutoRebate.


5.) Why Should I Trade With AutoRebateForeX

Simple! Whether you are winning or  losing  with your trades, forex brokers still receive their earnings through spreads and commissions. They receive these in full but not when you are introduced by an Introducent Agent or a Rebate Company like AutoRebateForex by which this commission is divided with them.

As an an IB, we give a part of this commission to you and we offer 80%. We do this automatically so you can enjoy the following advantages:

  • Have the option to use your rebates for trading with the broker or withdraw them (along with your own funds).
  • Eliminate the cost of transfer by using payment processors that charges fees.
  • Ensure that everything will remain stable and you will never be cheated by us. (in case of hacking or downtime on our part, we don’t process your rebates – our partner brokers do this for us).

Afterall, trading with us costs you nothing. It’s FREE!


6.) Would Trading With AutoRebateForeX Affect My Trading (Spreads, Commissions, etc.)?

Certainly NOT! Trading with us would never affect your trading, neither will it increase your spreads and commissions. In fact, we lessen/return part of these fees back to you so you can use them again for trading or for other use.


7.) How Can I Confirm my Trading Accounts Registered Through AutoRebateForeX

You man confirm your trading accounts with AutoRebateForeX by using our submit forms. This step is actually optional as trading accounts registered with us are automatically opted for autorebate. As long as you follow our Sign-up instructions, you are in! But if you really want account verification with us, here you have an option!


8.) When Will I Receive My Payments

Payments are processed automatically but in different frequency per broker. You can check the frequencies per broker at the “Broker” page


9.) How Am I Paid? What are the Payment Methods?

We can say it as through Internal Transfer since rebates are paid automatically on your account. There are no external transfers needed, no payment processors, no bankwires, no fees. We are automatic!


10.) Are There Any Limits for Requesting Payment?

There is no limit. In fact you don’t have to request any payment. Rebates are transferred automatically!


11.) I Want To Receive an AutoRebate Not Listed Here

We may add brokers from time to time so visit us frequently. Better yet, Contact Us and let’s see what we can do for you!


12.) What If I Still Have More Questions?

Feel free to Contact Us any time and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!