The FOMC decision, particularly the dot plot and Powell’s press conference, will be the major market mover across all currencies. A hawkish Fed could strengthen USD and put pressure on gold. Dovish hints from the Fed could lead to a weaker USD and support for gold. Look for trading opportunities based on price action around support and resistance levels, and confirmation signals like MACD.



  • Technically oversold, with potential for a rebound above 1.0835.
  • Key resistance at 1.0864.
  • FOMC decision and Powell’s comments will be the main drivers.
  • Buy opportunity if EUR consolidates above 1.0864.



  • Under pressure due to lower UK inflation data.
  • Support at 1.2666 and 1.2636.
  • FOMC decision will be crucial.
  • Buy opportunity on a false breakout near support levels if Powell hints at rate cuts.



  • Likely to continue rising if Fed maintains a tough stance.
  • Buy opportunity above 151.86 with a target of 152.85.
  • Sell opportunity on a dovish Fed stance and a break below 151.34.



  • Strengthening due to lower Canadian inflation.
  • Resistance at 1.3570.
  • FOMC decision and dot plot will be key events.
  • Focus on whether BoC hints at rate cuts in upcoming meetings.


Gold (XAU/USD):

  • Trading within a symmetrical triangle pattern.
  • Potential breakout in either direction after FOMC decision.
  • Buy above 2,158 or sell below 2,145 for short-term trades.
  • Downside risk if Fed dot plot reduces rate cut projections.
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