The global financial markets are experiencing some volatility due to uncertainties surrounding central bank policies and economic data. However, the overall sentiment leans towards a bullish trend for Bitcoin and a potential decline for EUR/USD and GBP/USD in the near future. USD/JPY, AUD/USD, and Gold are facing mixed signals, with the direction largely dependent on upcoming economic events and policy decisions.



  • Expected to continue its downtrend.
  • Possible correction underway, but could be nearing completion.
  • Short positions with targets around 1.0462 are still considered.



  • Suggests a decline, but the downtrend might be complex and lengthy.
  • Selling is considered with targets below 1.2039, but upside potential to 1.3140.
  • A break above 1.2877 indicates possible bullish momentum.



  • Bulls are struggling despite positive wage increase data in Japan due to uncertainty from BoJ and Fed.
  • Resistance at 148.00, support at 147.15.
  • Further downside potential below 146.00.



  • Australian dollar edges higher despite decline in business confidence.
  • RBA meeting on March 18th is expected to maintain current interest rates.
  • Resistance at 0.6702 and 0.6780, support at 0.6590 and 0.6512.


Bitcoin (BTC)

  • Recent surge attributed to growth in ETF investments and expectations of reaching $150,000 this cycle.
  • Liquidity crisis concerns exist due to ETF buying pressure.
  • Potential for exceeding cyclical high if selling pressure mounts.


Gold (XAU/USD)

  • Expected to see a bearish correction in the short term.
  • Sell signal below $2,170 with targets at $2,156, $2,125, $2,093, and $2,073.
  • Bullish continuation if consolidation above $2,180 occurs.
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