The outlook for major currencies and assets is mixed. The US dollar is likely to appreciate against the euro and Japanese yen due to a hawkish Federal Reserve and concerns about slowing growth in the Eurozone and Japan. The British pound and Australian dollar could see choppy trading with some upside potential depending on upcoming retail sales data and inflation figures. Gold may continue its recent rise, while Bitcoin could rebound if it breaks above a key downtrend channel. However, both remain vulnerable to a pullback if they fail to gain momentum.



  • Forecast: Bearish
  • Analysis: Downward trend expected to continue. Look for sell opportunities near 1.0880 with targets around 1.0463.
  • Trading Tips: Consider buying euros only if the price reaches 1.0692.



  • Forecast: Neutral
  • Analysis: GBP/USD awaits UK retail sales data release. Positive data could strengthen the pound, while negative data could weaken it.
  • Key Levels: Support at 1.2451, resistance at 1.2486.



  • Forecast: Neutral
  • Analysis: Market shrugging off weak job numbers in Australia. Focus on next week’s CPI data for further direction.
  • Key Levels: Resistance at 0.6437, support at 0.6413.



  • Forecast: Bullish with caution
  • Analysis: USD/JPY testing resistance. Strong US data could push the pair higher, potentially prompting intervention from the Bank of Japan.
  • Trading Tips: Consider buying USD/JPY if it reaches 154.60. Sell if price falls below 154.30.
  • Important Note: The possibility of intervention by the Bank of Japan to weaken the USD/JPY remains high.


Gold (XAU/USD):

  • Forecast: Bullish with caution
  • Analysis: Gold could continue its rise if it consolidates above $2,375. Look for a potential reach towards $2,437.
  • Trading Signal: Buy above $2,375.


Bitcoin (BTC/USD):

    • Forecast: Neutral to Bullish with breakout
    • Analysis: Bitcoin bouncing after a recent drop. A breakout above the downtrend channel could signal a bullish reversal.
    • Trading Signal: Wait for confirmation of breakout above the channel before buying. Targets could be $66,172, $68,750, or $71,875.
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