The US dollar may strengthen in the near term, while major currencies experience consolidation or pullbacks. Gold may also experience a correction before potentially resuming its uptrend. Keep an eye on geopolitical tensions, inflation data, and central bank policy decisions for further market direction.



  • Euro finds support after sharp losses last week.
  • May see a technical correction around 1.0599.
  • Resistance at 1.0665, could reach 1.0708 if broken.



  • GBP/USD is steady.
  • BoE meeting on May 9th, could hold rates.
  • Resistance at 1.2535 and 1.2620, support at 1.2481 and 1.2396.
  • Technical analysis suggests buying above 1.2450.



  • NZ dollar slides to five-month low.
  • Weak services sector data.
  • RBNZ may cut rates.
  • Resistance at 0.5960, support at 0.5910.



  • Expected to move gradually from the support zone towards the resistance area
  • Resistance at 0.6600/0.6650
  • Support at 0.6440/0.6390.
  • Short-term selling possible with a fractional volume.



  • Upward trend expected to continue in the short term
  • Possible pullback towards support at 0.9000/0.8950 in the next couple of days.



  • Likely to move sideways within a designated price channel, with a
  • Potential downward movement towards the support zone (151.00/150.50) later in the week.
  • Resistance at 153.30/153.80.



  • At risk of mean reversion after rally.
  • Watch key resistance at $2,390.
  • Technically overbought, short-term pullback possible.
  • Support at $2,327, $2,300 and $2,260.



  • Expected to continue rising in the short-term.
  • Resistance at 3,317, then possible reach 3,437.
  • Support at 3,125.
  • Could resume bearish cycle if falls below 3,100.


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