Long for BTC, ETH, Oil, Gold; short for XRP. Here are the details for today’s analysis!



  • Bitcoin is finishing a complex wave pattern called a “linking wave X.”
  • Expect a short-term rise to $44,669 before a drop to $36,700.
  • Buy at $43,634 and sell at $44,669.



  • Ripple is building a “double zigzag” wave pattern.
  • The price is likely to fall to $0.570.
  • Short sell at $0.608 and take profit at $0.570.



  • Ethereum is in the final part of an upward wave called “wave (Z).”
  • Expect a rise to $2402.
  • Buy at $2194 and take profit at $2402.



  • Oil is correcting in a short-term uptrend.
  • Buy at $72.09-$71.76 or $70.44-$69.95 with a target of $75.30.
  • Stop loss according to the pattern rules.



  • Look for a pattern to sell gold below yesterday’s low.
  • Target the low of December 15th or $1977-$1973.
  • If the price closes above $2037, buy with a target of $2101-$2089.
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