Win your share on the TMGM’s $100,000 Prize Pool Trading competion. This is a competition worth joining for as TMGM will also donate an additional of $50 AUD to ‘Protect What is Precious’ charity for each participants entering the Trading Competition.

TMGM Global Trading Competition



The contest is available for all new and existing clients of TMGM that will participate in the contest.


Dates Available:

Registration is from 25th January 2021 to 15th June 2021. Competition period is from 1st February 2021- 30th June 2021.


How To Join:

  1. Participants must open any live trading account with TMGM. Click here to be eligible for rebates.
  2. Choose between two groups and deposit the required minimum to qualify:
      1. For Master Group with prize pool of $40,500 – at lest $1,000 deposit is required.
      2. For Ares Group with prize pool of $66,000 – at lest $30,000 deposit is required.
  3. Submit your account on the contest page to join. Click “Sign Up” on the menu and input the required details. Wait for the confirmation email to ensure your participation is valid.
  4. Trade the required volume corresponding your deposit:
      1. For Master Group with prize pool of $40,500, 2 standard lots every $1,000 deposit are required.
      2. For Ares Group with prize pool of $66,000, 1.5 standard lots every $1,000 deposit are required.


Prize Fund:

Rankings/Prize ARES MASTER
1st $30,000* $20,000*
2nd $20,000* $10,000*
3rd $10,000* $5,000*
4th $4,000* $2,000*
5th $2,000* $1,000*
6th – 10th $0 $500*
11th – 20th $0 $0*
* Ranking with asterisk receives trophies


General Terms:

  1. Accounts must have no open positions before joining the competition.
  2. Moving between groups is not allowed.
  3. Withdrawals, deposits and internal transfers are allowed during the contest period. Equity will be calculated based on the sum of accumulated deposit and internal transfer into the trading account in calculating the rate of return formula. However, withdrawing profits or internal transfer out from your account will reduce the percentage of return and competition ranking.
    1. Rate of Return Formula = (Final Equity – Initial Balance) / Initial Balance x 100
    2. Final Equity = The total equity at the end of the competition (Credit not included)
    3. Initial Balance = Account Equity from the beginning of the competition + Total Deposit + Internal transfers (deposits only)
  4. Participants are required to meet one of the following 2 requirements:
    1. Hold at least 1 position for at least 10 days
    2. Open/Close at least 1 position per day over a 10 days period
  5. Participants may leave the competition by emailing support.
  6. Maximum number of participating accounts per trader or team: 3 accounts
  7. Winners will be announced within 10 working days after the end of competition. Prizes can be withdrawn or used as margin for future trades, they will be credited on winning accounts within 30 working days.
  8. TMGM reserves the right to publish relevant information regarding participant accounts.


TMGM and Alexander Zverev Webinar

Tennis Star Alexander Zverev, with ranking #7 in the World, joins the upcoming webinar of TMGM on Wednesday, April 7th 2021 – 5:00 PM (PST). The webinar will cover the following topics:

  • Taking advantage of online trading
  • Placing and managing your trades
  • Introducing automated trading
  • Q & A with Trade View
  • Q & A with Alexander Zverev

Click here to register for the webinar.

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