We would like to announce that one of our oldest partner broker, Tallinex, is going to cease trading services for clients residing in US and Canada. Also, they will not be accepting new clients from the said territories anymore.

Hence, we quote:

As you may already have heard from your referrals, Tallinex will shortly cease offering services to clients who are resident in US and Canadian territories.

This decision has been reached following consistent pressure by over-reaching entities and repeated policy changes by banking institutions – all of which has lead Tallinex to conclude that it is no longer viable to continue offering services to clients in those regions, and so services will be discontinued as at market close on March 31st, 2017.

Your self-directed referrals have been notified of the decision and presented with the option of having their accounts seamlessly transferred to a different broker: Capital City Markets (

That choice is by far the most logical as it will avoid interruptions to their trading – their MT4 accounts will be transferred along with all open positions and trade history, all trading conditions (account style, leverage, spread, etc.) will be the same, and no documentation will be required in order to approve those new accounts.

What does this mean for you as an Introducing Broker? Essentially, very little.

In order to minimise the impact on your earnings, an IB account will be created and approved for you at Capital City Markets, and any of your referrals transferring accounts to CCM will be placed under you automatically as part of the transfer process.

Furthermore, we have ensured that all rebate and commission structures will remain identical to those you have grown accustomed to at Tallinex, so you will continue receiving the same rebates that you always have.

Of course, having an IB account at Capital City Markets is your choice – if you would prefer not to become an IB at CCM then you may indicate that decision via the Home page of your Tallinex back-office ( at any time up until 20:00 GMT+0 on March 31st, but you will then cease to receive rebates on the trading volume of transferred clients.

Please remember that this only affects residents of US and Canadian territories – all of your other referrals will remain at Tallinex where rebates will continue to be paid as usual.

Tallinex thoroughly appreciates your support to date, and looks forward to working with you long into the future, but we also understand that having a reliable partner for your US / Canadian referrals is important for your success – hopefully you will agree that this provides the best of both worlds.

Please note: Traders residing out of USA and Canada are not affected. You have probably received a different version of the message having a “Trader” profile with Tallinex. Nevertheless, there will be no changes as to rebate arrangements between Tallinex and AutoRebateForeX (rebates as high as we can)! As for the affected clients, we will set autorebates with Capital City Markets if possible, but we may not choose to list the broker among our partners.

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