Here are the Top Market Analysis for the 14th of December, 2023.


Major Forex Pairs:

  • EURUSD: Upward breakout from consolidation, reach correction target at 1.0826. Pullback to 1.0766. Today, consolidation near 1.0788. Upward escape targets 1.0844, downward escape eyes 1.0740 then 1.0626 (local target).
  • GBPUSD: Upward breakout, reached correction target at 1.2614. Decline to 1.2514. Today, consolidation expected around 1.2555. Upward escape could reach 1.2615, downward escape targets 1.2470.
  • USDJPY: Completed correction to 144.73. Further correction to 144.48 possible. After correction, growth expected to 147.40 (first target).
  • USDCHF: Completed correction to 0.8722. Further correction to 0.8715 possible. After correction, growth expected to 0.8880 (first target).
  • AUDUSD: Completed decline impulse to 0.6539. Today, consolidation near 0.6555. Downward escape targets 0.6500, then potential bounce to 0.6555 followed by decline to 0.6490 (first target).



  • BRENT: Consolidation range around 73.40. Downward escape possible, targeting 70.40. After reaching 70.40, new growth wave could develop to 76.50 then 80.40 (first target).


Precious Metals:

  • XAUUSD (Gold): Completed correction wave to 1995.45 (test from below). Decline structure could continue to 1952.42 then 1907.55 (first target).



  • S&P 500: Corrected to 4612.2 (test from above). Growth to 4656.0 today. Decline to 4638.8 possible. Further growth could reach 4663.9 (local target). Steep decline to 4545.0 possible at any point.


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