Forex Market is mixed, with cautious optimism due to upcoming ECB meeting and US economic data. Cryptocurrency Market is bullish, but with some concerns about geopolitical tensions and regulatory uncertainty.



  • Current Trend: Mixed, with potential for both gains and losses depending on ECB meeting outcome.
  • Key Levels: 1.0883 (support), 1.0932 (resistance), 1.0823 (long-term support).
  • Key factors: ECB meeting and Lagarde’s speech, US GDP data.
  • Trading Recommendations: Sell if price falls below 1.0883, buy if price rises above 1.0823.
  • Fluctuated within a range, initially rising on positive EU data but later falling due to strong US indicators and expectations of ECB easing.



  • Current Trend: Sideways, with potential for breakout in either direction.
  • Key Levels: 1.2584 (support), 1.2801 (resistance).
  • Key factors: US economic data, ECB meeting.
  • Trading Recommendations: Wait for a clear signal before entering the market.
  • Gained against the dollar on strong UK business activity data, but further gains capped by geopolitical tensions and the ECB meeting.



  • Current Trend: Short-term uptrend, but facing potential resistance.
  • Key Levels: 147.59 (support), 148.34 (resistance).
  • Key factors: US economic data, technical indicators.
  • Trading Recommendations: Buy if price rises above 147.87, sell if price falls below 147.59.



  • Current Trend: Mixed, with potential for recovery but also bearish factors at play.
  • Key Levels: 38,198 – 38,700 (support), 39,822 – 40,568 (resistance).
  • Key factors: Geopolitical tensions, ETF hype, technical indicators.
  • Trading Recommendations: Short positions during pullbacks to resistance, consider long positions only with strong reversal signals.
  • Corrected sharply after reaching a new year high, but found support and potential for recovery.



  • Current Trend: Bearish, with potential for short-term pullback.
  • Key Levels: 2,132 – 2,102 (support), 2,300 (potential pullback limit).
  • Key factors: ETF delays, regulatory uncertainty, technical indicators.
  • Trading Recommendations: Wait for confirmation of reversal before entering the market.
  • Declined in response to the delayed ETF decision, showing a bearish trend with potential for a short-term pullback.


Other Markets:

  • USD/CHF: Bullish, aiming for 0.8760 with potential stops at 0.8686 and 0.8727.
  • AUD/USD: Downward momentum, targeting 0.6536 with a possible correction at 0.6577.
  • BRENT: Bullish with consolidation, aiming for 82.55 with a potential retracement at 79.80.
  • XAU/USD (Gold): Bearish with consolidation, targeting 1976.50 with a possible bounce at 2014.00.
  • S&P 500: Declining, targeting 4815.5 with a potential correction at 4871.0.


Overall Market Sentiment:

  • Mixed: While some currencies and assets show bullish potential, others face bearish pressures and regulatory uncertainty.
  • Focus on ECB meeting: The outcome of the ECB meeting could have significant impact on EUR/USD and other European assets.
  • Cautious approach recommended: Given the mixed market conditions and potential for volatility, it’s advisable to exercise caution and rely on technical indicators and market signals before making trading decisions.

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