Galleass Capital NZ is delighted to reward clients’ continued trading loyalty by offering Lots of Lots Program to its clients.” – Galleass. It is actually a rebate program currently offered by this partner broker of ours wherein clients can receive cashback from 2 USD to 5 USD.


The Bonus is available for new and existing accounts.


Dates for the Bonus:

The promotion runs from January 2014 until further notice.


How to Participate:

  1.  Send an email to  with a Subject “Lots of Lots Program”. Include your Trader Portal’s username (registered email address) and trading account number and ask for inclusion into to the program.
  2. Start/continue with your trading.
  3. Email to collect cash rebates.
  4. After confirmation by administration, funds will be deposited to client trading account.


Terms and Conditions:

  1. Maximum amount payable under the Cash Rebate Program is $3,000 or equivalent per client.
  2. Check below for corresponding rebate values for the number of lots traded:
    Round Turn Lot Traded CashBack Reward Per Lot
    1 lot – 199 lots 2 USD
    200 lots – 499 lots 3 USD
    Over 500 lots 5 USD
  3. No Cash Rebate will be provided to a Client in case his complete traded volume is less than 1 lot.
  4. Trades in CFD shares are not counted.


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