Last Friday when we noticed that LibertyReserve site suddenly became offline, we immediately made a research about what’s going on as the site never had such a downtime issue before.

We just found out that the largest payment processor LibertyReserve has been suspended while a news came out that the so called owners of the ecurrency cum payment processor has just been arrested in Spain with cases of fraud and alleged drug trafficking.


Here’s a video report:

See the director’s official post in ARFX forums.

We would just like to inform that even though we have some funds in Liberty Reserve, our rebates are not affected and are still paid in time because we don’t hold your rebates remember? We offer autorebates and so your funds are automatically transferred on your trading account(s).

For those concerned about the issue, we researched some details and was informed that despite the suspension of LR; it still plans to come back with a new and better service and that funds will remain on accounts. If it won’t get back, there’s still a possibility of getting back the money, remember e-gold?

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