As January draws to a close and February gears up, several key events will make for an eventful week in the financial world.


Key Themes:

  • Robust US Economy: Data points like GDP growth and PMIs indicate continued economic resilience. Consumer confidence is rising, and inflation appears to be easing. This paints a brighter picture than recession fears previously suggested.
  • Central Bank Focus: Both the Fed and BoE are set to meet this week, with market expectations focused on their stance on interest rates. The Fed is likely to hold steady for now, while the BoE may hint at a dovish shift by softening their language in the rate statement.
  • Employment Data: Friday’s US non-farm payrolls report will be closely watched for clues about the job market’s health. A weaker-than-expected reading could bolster rate-cut expectations.


Events to Watch:

  • Wednesday: Fed interest rate decision (7:00 pm GMT)
  • Thursday: BoE interest rate decision (midday GMT)
  • Friday: US non-farm payrolls report (1:30 pm GMT)


Market Mood:

  • Cautiously optimistic: Recent economic data suggests a soft landing for the US economy.
  • Eyeing inflation: Both the Fed and BoE face the challenge of controlling inflation without stifling growth.
  • Rate cut expectations: Markets see Fed cuts later this year, but the timing remains uncertain.


Focus on:

  • Fed Chair Powell’s comments: Will he push back against March rate cut expectations?
  • BoE’s rate statement: Will they soften their hawkish stance?
  • US jobs data: A strong report could bolster the dollar and raise interest rates.


Potential Market Impact:

  • A dovish shift from the Fed or BoE could weaken the dollar and pound, respectively.
  • A softer-than-expected US jobs report could further dampen the dollar.
  • Overall, market sentiment could tilt towards optimism if economic data continues to paint a positive picture.



  • This week also marks the start of the Chinese New Year, which could have some impact on global markets.

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