Moneypolo, the remittance service arm of Mayzus Investment Company is currently offering a free debit card called (UWC) Quick Card for all its clients. Fees for this card will also be free except loading fees.

This is a MasterCard pre-paid card product which comes in USD and is accepted in over a 100 countries of the world, that you can use to receive your salary, or to easily send funds to your friends and family. It allows risk-free payments and no negative balance.

*UWC stands for United World Capital – the former name of Mayzus Investment Company. They are the main financial service provider of OKPay (cards).



The Bonus is available for all new and existing clients of Mayzus and Moneyolo.


Dates for the Bonus:

The promotion runs from December 2013 until January 31, 2014.


How to Participate:

  1. New clients should get a Moneypolo account at Moneypolo through UWCFS.
  2. Verify your account by uploading ID and address proof.
  3. Login to your Moneypolo account.
  4. Request a card. Choose Quick Card.
  5. Regular mail fee will be FREE but if you choose courier delivery, $20 discount will be given.


Terms and Conditions (50% Bonus):

                    service change per year                                                                 0 $
                    service charge per month                                                               0 $
                    commission fee on POS and online transactions                       0 $
                    only 2% commission for ATM withdrawals                            (max. $15)
                    Best currency rates on the conversion payments
                    Extended maximum limit on the card                                   of $25000
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