Investors were initially optimistic about the euro due to slowing US inflation and expectations of the Federal Reserve cutting rates. However, the European Central Bank has been more cautious about easing monetary policy, and the German economy has weakened. This has put pressure on the euro, despite strong US stock indices.



USD/JPY has broken through key resistance and entered a bull market zone. Traders can look for long positions above 145.55, with targets at 147.30 and 150.00. Alternatively, short positions can be opened below 145.55, with targets at 144.00 and 143.00.



GBP/USD has dipped below a trendline support level due to mixed UK economic data. Bears are eyeing lower levels, while bulls could still find opportunities if the price stays above the 55-period EMA.  GBP/USD may continue to fall in the coming days, with potential support at 1.2570 and 1.25. Traders should watch for key levels and technical indicators to identify future market directions.



The euro/dollar pair has been in a confusing uptrend despite weak news for the euro. This may be due to market expectations of the ECB keeping rates higher. However, the recent decline suggests a potential shift towards a downward trend.

Crude Oil:

Stuck in a support level range (70.07-63.83). Potential breakout above 76.17 and CCI exceeding 100 could lead to upward momentum, targeting 79.62 and potentially 86.63. Failure to break through 67.71 invalidates the bullish prediction.


Bitcoin (BTC/USD):

  • Trend: Bearish with potential for reversal.
  • Key levels: Resistance at $22,500, support at $19,000.
  • Indicators: Mixed signals, RSI neutral.
  • Sentiment: Leaning bullish.
  • Scenarios: Bullish reversal if price breaks resistance and RSI rises, bearish continuation if price falls below support.


Ethereum (ETH/USD):

  • Trend: Consolidating after correction.
  • Key levels: Resistance at $2,587, support at $2,347.
  • Indicators: Mixed signals, DMI and EWO bullish.
  • Sentiment: Strongly bullish.
  • Scenarios: Bullish trend strengthens if price holds above resistance and indicators remain positive, consolidation or retracement if price fails to break resistance.


Gold (XAU/USD):

  • Trend: Downtrend with potential for correction.
  • Key levels: Resistance at $2,062, support at $2,031.
  • Indicators: Eagle overbought, suggesting a correction.
  • Sentiment: Mixed, but market report suggests potential for correction.
  • Scenarios: Sell below $2,062 with targets at $2,040 and $2,031, potential for further bearish movement if selling pressure persists.


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