We have just partnered with multi-product platform Exante, the broker for professionals.


A Brief Overview

Based in the island country of Malta, Exante was established on 2011 under the company registration XNT LTD. It is regulated by the UK’s FCA and Malta’s MFSA. Compared to most of our partner brokers, Exante executes your trades via their own proprietary platform, the Exante Multiproduct Platform. On such case wherein Metatrader 4 is not available as a default platform, we added an exception for autorebates – we will be manually transferring your rebates via our preferred payment methods.


Exante is Not Your Typical FX Broker

Compared to most forex brokers, Exante allows you to trade on real currencies and instruments – you buy or sell them based on their foreign exchange  prices, not CFD’s.  Think of it like having different currency deposits on a bank that you can exchange during favorable conditions. These justify the minimum deposit requirement of EUR 10,000. You also get to trade with multiple instruments and assets like Stocks/ETF’s, Futures, Options, Bonds, Forex, Funds. There are more than 45000 instruments to trade.


Trade Cryptocurrencies

Exante is one of the few brokers that pioneered on trading with blockchain-based monetary/token system called “cryptocurrencies”. That also makes Exante a regulated digital asset exchange trading platform. (Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency, just so you know or remember! It started with $0 value during its launch in 2009, but now has a current price of $4317).

Exante even launched its own altcoin “XAI” to simplify trading with cryptocurrencies using their platform.

“XAI is the first altcoin index that reflects the dynamics of the most powerful alternative cryptocurrencies. The index is based on the leaders by the market capitalization. Today, these are: Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Ripple, Monero, Litecoin and ZCash.” – website

Recently, they have also added Dash among the list. Invest in XAI!

XAI tracks the price of cryptocoins directly. It gives investors an opportunity to profit from the bullish markets without the many risks associated with cryptocoin trading in a regulated environment as EXANTE operates under EU jurisdiction and reports to the Malta Financial Supervisory Authority (MFSA).


The Exante Platform

It’s a multiproduct platform for which you can trade multiple instruments backed by superior technological infrastructure, open order book for OTC products, fast DMA execution service, trading automation support (API’s for other platforms like Meta Trader), aggregated tight interbank spreads, personal portfolio manager service, and accessible financing. The platform has a modular structure that allows you to organize the working space as you preferred. Quickly and easily drag/drop instruments from a customize-able module to another. It features “option board” module that gives quick overview with the market conditions helping you make the most suitable decision; and “basket trader” module for mass operations and vast portfolio management of instruments. It supports multiple languages, and includes multiple charting tools similar to those of MT4. Multi-account trading (MAT) is also supported – similar to MAM.


Our Offer

AutoRebateForeX offers 20% of the spread commission..

More details can be found at Exante’s official page in AutoRebateForeX rebate brokers.

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