We got news from Tallinex about their server issue. The solution is to simply reinstall the MT4 software but we would like to quote the details here for all our clients with the broker.

It appears that some clients are still experiencing an issue that causes new demo accounts to be created on the wrong server, and with completely incorrect account parameters (leverage, spreads, symbol names, etc.) – invalidating both back- and forward-testing results.

The “Accounts” group of your MT4 Navigator panel should show just one or two sub-groups:

TallinexOU-Demo … this lists your demo accounts
TallinexOU-Live … this lists your live accounts (if you have any)

If your installation of MT4 only displays one or both of the above sub-groups, then your installation is fine and you can ignore the rest of this advisory message.

If, however, you notice demo accounts under any other sub-group, or see any other servers presented when creating a new demo account (as indicated by the red arrows in the image below), then your installation of MT4 is affected.

The simplest solution is generally to re-install the latest MT4 by following the instructions here:

Update instructions

…however, before doing so, please be sure to write down the account numbers of any correct demo accounts under the TallinexOU-Demo sub-group, and take note of the password details for those accounts by checking “Registration” messages under the MT4 Mailbox tab.

As always, our live-chat and email support staff will be available should you have questions or need assistance.

Note: If you have a lot of charts and/or complex EA and/or indicator setups then please contact our live-chat team for help with creating a copy of your MT4 profile, so that your charts and setup can be restored more easily.

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