We are pleased to inform you that IC Markets has recently been made a ‘’suggested author’’ on the widely-followed trading community website: is a state-of-the-art charting
platform that allows traders to share ideas through a global social network. This has given us the opportunity to reach literally 1000s of like-minded traders and investors on a daily basis.


Our technical reports provide clients with a daily in-depth look at the markets. We don’t just analyze one timeframe, and be done with it; we perform multi-timeframe analysis on each and every financial instrument that’s published. That is probably why our profile has achieved a respectable 270+ followers and over 40,000+ views in less than five months.


Follow our expert analysts who extensively cover the following markets:

• EUR/USD • GBP/USD • AUD/USD • USD/JPY • USD/CAD • Gold (XAU/USD). Furthermore, due to popular demand we have also included two index-tracking CFDs – the DAX 30 (GER 30) and the DOW 30 (US 30). This should help our traders get an overall view of both the American and European markets.

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