If you are a trader who wants to be a fund manager and/or have a successful trading history, this is your chance to have a funded account having to focus on trading only.

MetisEtrade features clear and precise method of becoming a proprietary trader. For novice traders, MetisEtrade offers extensive training and education to strengthen your trading skills and become our Prop Traders.

Experienced Proprietary Traders should have at least one year of experience in the Foreign Exchange (Forex) industry, in-depth knowledge of the currency market and superior risk management skills. We will fund your trading accounts after a comprehensive due diligence check on your trading histories based on the requirements below.



To become a MetisEtrade Proprietary Trader, you must have a self-funded account with them and the account must have satisfied one of the following requirements unless you have proven track record for more than a year:

  • 5% monthly return for six (6) months out of nine (9) months

  • The account balance must be at least 5% above the starting account balance each month

  • $300 monthly net-profit for six (6) months out of nine (9) months

  • Minimum Annualized Return of 20%

  • Maximum Drawdown of 25% at any time



  • Training and mentorship from seasoned Forex Investment Professionals

  • Access to MetisEtrade’s capital

  • Entitled up to 20% of the total profit (High-Water Mark Apply)

  • You can choose your own hours – trade full or part-time from anywhere

  • Growth opportunity to become a Fund Manager at MetisEtrade

The program is non-salaried where compensation is based mainly on performance.




Lecture Schedule


Every Tuesday; 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Mentoring Schedule


Every Thursday; 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM



  • Introduce the essentials of how the Foreign Exchange market works.
  • Educate trainees to the complexities of mastering and managing the use of the two schools of analysis and how to apply them in trading.
  • Integrate both the fundamental and technical analysis in developing a trading plan.

Please contact Mr. Jacob Park at (02) 799.9357 or +63.917.536.0199 if you meet the above requirements regardless of your trading history.

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