Tradeview’s Robert Bubalovski is back in tandem with IC Markets for a new webinar wherein he is about to tackle diffrenet exit strategies. Here’s a glimpse of the announcement:

Have you ever been in a winning trade which then turns into a losing trade?

Many Tools and Indicators are available in trading circles that will help a trader make a decision on when to enter a trade.

But one of the most, if not the most crucial part of trading is to understand when to exit a trade that you have placed. The reason for this is that entering a trade is said to be easy, because at that moment you have not made or lost any money yet. We have seen this to be a common area of misunderstanding with a majority of traders we speak to.
In this interactive webinar Robert will explain some of the processes his trading firm goes through in working out Exit Strategies.

He will be providing valuable information on the following topics:

  1. Types of Entries and Exists
  2. Managing Positions
  3. Time-based Exists
  4. Price-based Exits
  5. Combination Exists



Tuesday 15th April
7:30 PM AEST
9:30 AM GMT
5:30 AM EDT

Register here. (link expires)

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