Building Trading Models – Is Easier Than You Think ” will be the the last of six technical trading webinars that IC Markets will be holding in 2015 to help traders expand their knowledge of the markets and themselves.

Traders have a good sense on what they would like their trading model to do, but find it difficult in understanding how to build robust systems. Making trading models that reflect your ideas takes time and patience to get it right.

To do this we welcome our resident expert Partha Banerjee, Senior Trader of Trade View Investments.

In this interactive webinar Partha will explain how to develop successful trading models and how to use them in the forex markets. He will share his professional view on how, when and why he takes advantage of these models in his LIVE Trading.

Partha will be providing valuable information on the following topics:

1. Elements of Trading Models
2. How to get started in building Trading Models
3. Psychological aspects when Building a Trading Model
4. How to build a professional Trading model
5. Challenges faced when Trading without a Trading Model

By the end of the Webinar you will understand why building your own Trading Models is a must in helping you begin your next steps in becoming a Professional Trader.

Stand a Chance to WIN the Ultimate Prize Worth $2990

At the end of this webinar Partha will be providing details for the competition. This isn’t your ordinary trading competition as we will be looking to assist Traders move forward. The winner will be handpicked based on criteria that Partha will outline at the end of the webinar. This means you must attend the webinar in order to get the contest rules!


Schedule: Wednesday 15th of July 2015, 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM CST. Click here to register for the webinar.

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