Take your share on the new USGFX’s $10,000 Jackpot Challenge. Just open a new live account and get qualified for a particular division of the competition. Jackpot gets bigger for every trades and new traders added.



The bonus is available for all new and existing clients of USGFX. A new live account shall be opened however.


Dates Available:

Registration is from August 28 – 16, 2017 before 23:59:59 (UTC+3). Competition is from September 1 to October 31 before 23:59:59 (UTC+3).


How To Join:

  1.  Open a new live account with USGFX. Existing clients of USGFX are also required to open a new live account
  2. Select the level of competition (division) where you want to participate in. Deposit the required funds for your chosen level to your trading account.  Levels include:
    • Division (Level of Competition)

      Deposit Required

      Heavyweight (Group A)  USD10000 – Above
      Middleweight (Group B)  USD3000 – USD9999
      Featherweight (Group C)  USD200 – USD2999
  3. Confirm with your account manager about your deposit.
  4. Start trading only when the competition starts. EA’s are allowed but trade positions should last at least 180 seconds!


Prize Fund:

USGFX has set a minimum of $10,000 prize fund for the whole competition but it keeps on adding up based on the participant’s trading. Therefore it remains unlimited until the end of the competition.

Division (Level of Competition)

Prize Allocation

Heavyweight (Group A) $6000 USD + commissions generated from the volume traded valued $5/lot
Middleweight (Group B) $3000 USD + commissions generated from the volume traded valued $4.5/lot
Featherweight (Group C) $1000 USD + commissions generated from the volume traded valued $4/lot


Prize Division:

Top 6 most profitable contestants x 3 divisions = 18 winners. Ranking based on Total growth percentage in Equity.


Prize (% of Jackpot)

Grand Prize 30%
2nd Prize 25%
3rd Prize 20%
4th Prize 12%
5th Prize 8%
6th Prize 5%



General Terms:

  1.  The size of your initial deposits before confirmation to your manager determines your division. Contestants are not allowed to change their group regardless of the succeeding deposits.
  2. Withdrawals during the competition will result to disqualification.
  3. Accounts are set to 1:500 leverage.
  4. Contestants may deposit at any time to sustain its margin level. They are allowed to re-attend the competition by depositing again during forced selling.
  5. Failure to meet the minimum transaction requirement will result to disqualification. Minimum transaction volume (Lots volume) for the contestants shall reach 2% of the total deposits. ($1000 net deposits requires 20 standard lots).
  6. Contest is only open to trading Forex and precious metals, no CFD’s.
  7. Expert Advisors are allowed but scalping strategy is prohibited. Positions shall be maintained for atleast 180 seconds.
  8. Ranking is based on Total growth percentage in Equity = [( Ending Equity – Total Deposit ) / Total Deposit ] x 100.
  9. MAM, PAMM and ECN accounts are not eligible.


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